Sunday, March 7, 2010

The process of the green screen

We had a lot of problems setting up the green screen. We couldn't find a location at the start. Later on after browsing almost the whole school, we found our location. Our next task was to put the green screen up. That also took a lot of time. We borrowed some tape from Mr. Le Surf and tried to out the green screen on the wall. It was a hard task because at some points the tape fell off. But later it finally stuck up correctly.

1st March | Creating the On-Set

We started making our video. First, we set up our green screen. That took a lot of time as we couldn't find the right place to put it on. I had two people to help me; Danyal and Harris. Finally when we set up the green screen, we started filming. I had like a million failed tries as I wasn't concentrating much. But later on after a couple of good tries I finally filmed the whole scene and it went off pretty well. Danyal was the camera man and Harris was the director.

23rd February | Creating the Script

Today we started in creating the script. I am starting to have a nice introduction in my mind listing facts of the past and the present. The new technologies and the involvement of social networking within the class room. It explains that teachers intend to think that social networking sites. We are going to have some nice edits to emphasize the presentation and then we will add some green screen

Tuesday 23rd February

Today i started on my create. I started making my script in word. I stared planning my script and planning the general idea of my video. Ive been starting to plan it as a brain storm and started listing ideas and what my next production will be. I will be adding the zooms and video transitions within the project

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday 22nd February 2010 - Starting the Create.

Today we have turned in our plan and we are going to start our create stage. I will be starting to write up my script for my video and then i will continue on what my plan listed. As my plan listed out it should take me about 2 hours to write up my whole script during the video. Since i will have a commentary during the "on-screen" video i will have to create a script for it as well. I am guessing that since there are 2 scripts needed to be created ( "onset" and onscreen" ) each one should take about 1 hour. I will be editing the videos with iMovie and Sony Vegas PRO 9. Both excellent programs for video editing and so on. I will firstly have to film the videos with my given script and then edit the unnecessary parts out. When that is completed, i will be merging both videos to create a FINAL video. This will start to look like my final presentation. I will then add zooms, video effects, and video transitions to enhance the video.
Considering on how much time i have for the create i am sure that the timings that i listed on my plan will be easy to complete during this time period. I will not afford to lose time during this stage this is because if I do then my planned create will go out of hand and i could end up panicking about time later on.
The deadlines for the create stage is on March 4th 2010. Considering that i have a approximated time of 6 hours and 55 Minutes to complete my whole Create, I am sure this will be enough time.

Our Group Consists of:

Rami Farhat - Video
Pascal Eilinghoff - Lesson Plan
Maha Al Jaidah - Website

This is all at this stage.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


We will be starting our new unit, and it's the anti bullying campaign; we will be creating a powerpoint displaying our video on demonstrations and examples of bullying. 

Our actors are:

Harris Nazri: Victim of isaac
Isaac Fermawi: Bully
Ali Abssy: The bully rami
Rami Farhat: Bullied from Ali.

Powerpoint designer:

Hamdan Javeed :::::::::::::::::::]

The video is compulsory and is required thoroughout the presentation, and must be needed to go with the  powerpoint along with the descriptions on notifying people the informations about bullying.

Bullying has occured many times throughtout schools, an act of coolness, show off's and many other to impress the pople in their surroundings, and now this is why we are assigned on researching about this significant mater, to inform other people about the threat of bullying in school, and what you should do when your being involved in some situations as similar as this. 

For now we will be researching a little bit about this topic on the internet, and post some pictures, our power point producer, Hamdan Javeed will be responsible for the pictures and videos being put into the powerpoint and the design when it comes to the presentation. While the remaining four including myself, would be cresting a few videos until it can be out onto the powerpoint. Possible at the same time, we'll be creating some music togo with out power point to attract other people's attention!!

We will  be following the steps of the design cycle and hopefully be succesfull: our plan

Investigate: researching about bullying and take few pictures and observe video samples to immatate it. 

Plan: we asked few teachers we know around the school to do the video and get some more information abosut bullying if they've witnessed it to put more information on the powerpoint and for our acting in the video.

Create: We will then be doing the whole, entire, overall work as planned, and then do some more modifications as we improve our progess in the process of finishing the entire project.

And the very last one:

We evaluate on our overall work and project, and our experiences while we were doing this, and other things that will be relating to to our work on evaluation.


Our project is not really that complete. We made a keynote on anti bullying. We have a lot of animation and videos and we have all the information. Our project as a whole is pretty good, we have information, videos to explain and a song from garage band. We used our time wisely and had a well thought out working method. What we would do is that we would divide our group into two, one would work on the keynote, one would work on something else like the song or videos or blogs. So we were all contributing to the project in some way. We all also had a well thought out method for the blog. I would do one thing, Harris would do one thing and Ali would do one thing. We got every thing done much faster. We finished everything on time and correctly (hopefully). We worked very well on the project except for one part, because of the absence of two people in our group, we couldn't do the last final video. We worked very well on the videos. We got everything done very quickly and we didn't have to do any editing. We also completed the keynote really quickly after the accident that occured. I think we could have improved by not fooling around with garageband. I think we spent too much time making the song. I think we wouldnt make the garageband song and we might have saved a lot of time. We sould have finished one lesson before today but because we fooled around and two of our members are absent, we cant do it. We had one huge difficulty, the keynote crashed and we had to remake it. We madeit again and realy focused to make it really got in a short amount of time. People liked the song and because they havent seen keynote, the animation were very cool to them. It doesnt really impact us but to the others it was a huge impact because they hadn't seen keynote before, plus garageband.